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Choosing between agency and freelance

When he is obliged to call upon an external service provider for the creation of a website like for example av-transaction.com or a visual identity, the customer is faced with a dilemma: to choose between a freelance and a webdesign agency. With an agency, you will have several skills in-house but the price of a freelance is more affordable.

  • Choice according to budget and needs
  • Choice of independent person
  • Choice according to availability
Stand out from your competitor

Stand out from your competitors!

Your originality, creativity and the quality of your visual communication will make you stand out from the crowd. The analysis of the competition allows you to position your activity correctly on the market. Digital agencies are there to help and guide you in the choice of your communication plan with tailor-made solutions. The keys to stand out from the competition are the creation of a truly innovative product that makes the difference. This is the best guide to discover and choose your next video games on PC and consoles. Our experts work to innovate in product design or work on quality branding.

Communication tools for a good brand image

Graphic charter

Graphic design whether in web development, mobile development or other communication media must reflect the values of the company including dynamism, innovation and elegance.

Logo creation

The logotype must be designed to be aligned with the company’s values and the image it wants to convey. It must also be adapted and available on all the company’s digital and mobile application media.



Webmarketing: between aesthetics and ergonomics

The design of web interfaces like droitettravail.fr must take into account several important factors including ergonomics, accessibility and usability. If you really want to improve the conversion rate of your website, it is not enough to focus on its aesthetics but you must also think about ergonomics. The design must be thought according to the user experience.

A website with a nice graphic design is good, but it is not enough because providing an optimal browsing experience is more important. You need to visually organize and prioritize the elements of your site and provide an intuitive navigation system for your visitors in order to offer them comfort during use.


Web marketing for more visibility of your company!

Nowadays, webmarketing has become a must for your company to gain notoriety and turn prospects into customers. Natural referencing makes you gain visibility without having to pay fees. Social networks are also free showcases with high potential if you exploit them well in a social media strategy.

Webmarketing allows you to increase the notoriety of your brand which increases proportionally with your visibility. It also serves to increase traffic on your website, improve your image, increase your community, build customer loyalty, enhance the reputation and image of the company and it brings you new prospects.

Ad Campaign

Advertising Campaign

An advertising campaign is a coherent set of planned actions articulated around the same axis. Such a marketing operation is intended to promote a brand, a product or a service by passing on a message through various classic or modern communication media.

Email Campaign

Email Campaign

Emailing is an element of digital communication that is a precious ally for web strategy. Such campaigns are interesting in direct marketing and have as objectives customer loyalty, prospecting or development of the notoriety of your company.

A quality netlinking

Netlinking allows to improve the referencing of a site in Google and other search engines. It is part of the fundamentals of the SEO strategy. It serves to improve the positioning of various web pages that benefit from a good link strategy.


For a sustainable web referencing

SEO optimization must be taken into account from the first stage of website creation or redesign. The quality of referencing will determine the position of the site in search engines but for that it is necessary to set up the best SEO techniques as well as some webmarketing actions to make your visibility sustainable among Internet users.

Among the important elements for a good SEO it is necessary to take into account the structure of the site, the richness of the contents and the graphic elements (text, photos, videos…), the choice of keywords, the optimization of the pages, the quality of the internal and external links, etc. Opt for an optimized content management and quality netlinking.